How to Unlock SIM Locked Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 and I9505


Most of you might have purchased the Samsung Galaxy S4 this Christmas while it was made available by many top US cellular companies like AT&T and T-Mobile with awesome discount prices. But if you are looking forward to use other SIMs in this Galaxy S4 than you may have to unlock SIM Locked S4. For this purpose we have posting this tutorial which will help you Unlock SIM Locked Samsung Galaxy  S4 GT-I9500 and I9505.

To unlock SIM locked Galaxy S4 there are simple steps that you may have to follow to make it possible to use any SIM in your device. This will surely save you some bucks and you won’t have to consult mobile vendors who may charge you with this simple process.

But before Unlocking your SIM locked Galaxy S4 you need some important things to remember which are given below.

Things To Remember:

1- Make Sure that you have the Official Firmware intact which comes with your galaxy S4 out of the Box.
2- If you have injected custom ROMs in your device than you may formate it to the official firmware version.
3- This process will work for both Rooted and Non Rooted Samsung Galaxy S4.
4- It is strictly advised not to press the back button in the whole process.
5- SIM Unlocking will not effect your official firmware and you will get all the updates necessary with the time.

One more important thing is that this process have been checked on Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 and GT- I9505 so you can follow these instructions if you have the same Galaxy S4 variant.


How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S4:

Now Follow these steps to Unlock your Galaxy S4, Make sure you have at least 40% battery left so that the device doesn’t go out of Power.

Step 1: First of all tap on the Dialler and Type *#0011# in dailer Menu to Open Service Menu.
Step 2: Now Inside the Service Menu, tap the Soft Menu key, the Left Soft key of Galaxy S4 and Select Back.
Step 3: Now Tap Menu Button again and select Key Input from Options, Tap on the Pop-up, Write 1 and press OK.
Step 4: Tap Menu Button again and select Back, now you are in Main Men of Service Mode.
Step 5: Now Select [1]UMTS from the Menu.
Step 6: Once in UMTS Menu, Tap [1] Debug Screen.
Step 7: In Debug Screen, Tap [6] Phone Control.
Step 8: In Phone Control Menu, Tap [6] Network Lock.
Step 9: In Network Lock Screen, Tap [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.
Step 10: Tap Menu Button and Select Back again. You will Return back to UMTS Menu.
Step 11: Now Select, [6] NV REBUILD.
Step 12: Tap on [4] Restore Back-up
Step 13: Now Tap On [6] Common.
Step 14: This will make your phone freeze for a moment or two.
Step 15: The screen may turn off for a while and will come back on making your device reboot.

That’s it Your device has been unlocked successfully, all you have to do is put any other SIM in your device and it will start working. Your Samsung Galaxy S4 is SIM unlocked now and you can use any desired SIM that you won’t. Moreover your device can work any where in the world with any available Network Service.

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