How to use iPhone as spy camera with your Apple Watch.


The long awaited apple watch is now available in markets. It is the most extraordinary and compact personal device your wear on your wrist. It is the first smartwatch that enters the market and then the idea was copied by many. The Apple Watch has changed the fashion and trend of technology wearing a smartwatch allows you to chitchat with friends, Apple pay account ease the users to make payments, checking notifications on facebook, instagram and many more features.

Using Apple Watch has number of advantages and tricks but the most interesting feature of Apple Watch is using this smartwatch as spy gadget to keep an eye on someone or some place. Apple Watch will help you to act like a spy king “James bond”. By using the remote shutter trick without holding the iphone you can capture perfect pictures. Follow these useful guides to use it accurately to make your iPhone a spy camera with the help of Apple Watch.

Step 1: Discreetly Set It Up

Before beginning make sure your iphone spy camera is safely hidden. As your Apple Watch work as second screen for your iphones camera. It will display also the activities on smartwatch screen. Hide the camera in a way before anyone catches you. Set the camera on some plain surface and fix it properly so that it may not slip. Take all possible precautions. By default it will open iphones back facing camera so set accordingly.

Step 2: Open the Camera on Your Watch

In order to start a video on watch just click on the camera app icon given on the samrtwatch. It will give automatic connectivity to the iphones camera. Now you can view everything clearly from iphones camera and can take snaps for record. The only disadvantage is that you cannot record the video or listen to whatever is happening over there.

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Step 3: Stay Within Reach & Observe

While setting the iPhone camera maintain a proper distance as the Bluetooth technology of Apple Watch allows for 300 foot limit, which is quite enough but if the distance increases then it will disconnect.

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