How to use Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera

As we all know that the Samsung phone of the year is official now and having some very good functionalities and features.Samsung  is renowned for its standards of camera in handset is very high and its always great to use the camera in Samsung handsets.In this article we will tell you the best ways to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera features and tell you the tricks and tips to get more out of it.

What is important for you to just adjust some of the features of camera by going to the Menu Settings or  Bixby Settings.First of the tip is that go to the settings of the Camera and you found an option Shooting methods which will open three more options for you in which first is the Tap screen which will allow you to take selfie by tapping anywhere on the screen.Then comes the  Show Palm in which will enable  a timer ON when it detects your palm in the screen while taking selfie,after that Tap heart rate sensor comes and it will enable the phones optical heart rate sensor into an additional shutter button when snapping a selfie.There is also an option in the main camera settings which is floating camera button which will   allow you the move the shutter button on to the screen where ever you want to place it.View finder don’t fill the phones 18.5:9 aspect ratio screen by default but you can do that by tapping on the Full View Button.You can take these photos in 7.9-megapixels,which is some dramatic style and a good one too.

The Samsung,s has introduced a new feature this time in the Camera main settings named as Download which will allow you to download New Modes for the camera and you will get some new experiences of the camera modes.Like the S8 and S8+, the Note 8 also packs in a number of stamps and Snapchat-style motion-tracked stickers, so you can watermark your photos.The handset has also an option of   Motion Photo which will allow you to take the live photos like iPhone.So overall this will be a good experience to use the Camera of the New Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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