How to use WiFi Calling feature on iOS 8. [Guide]


With the release of iOS 8, authorities at Apple have introduced lots of new features in the offering. However the most intresting feature that we have talked about even before the launch was the WiFi calling feature which has been most anticipated by the iPhone fans. This feature was previously presented to the EE customers in United Kingdoms and the ones using T-Mobile users in United States. Now the reports says that the feature will be available on all networks all across the globe.

This newly added feature will allow users to make calls using their WiFi networks which depends on your carriers cell tower coverage area. However there are some reports that the users using this feature have faster battery drainage issue along with the poor network quality issue found in many devices including the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad air etc.

The main tech used behind this WiFi calling feature is known as the GAN (Generic Access Network), it is also called the UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) which has been used by some networks previously as well. This feature will allow your device to use online network services which sends and receives data through packets instead of using your carrier.


Now we will see how you can Turn On you WiFi Calling feature on iOS 8.

How to Turn On WiFi Calling Feature on iOS 8:

All you have to do is follow these steps to turn on the WiFi calling feature present in your iOS 8

Step 1:- First of all tap on Settings in the Menu.

Step 2:- In the Settings tap on Phone.

Step 3:- Now in the Phone tap on Wi-Fi Calls.

Step 4:- Here you’ve just to slide to allow Wi-Fi calls to on.

Step 5 :- The warning sign may pop up with the warning i.e; “other devices will no longer be able to make or receive calls through you iPhone” All you have to do is bypass it by clicking OK.

Thats it, Now you have the WiFi Calling feature active on your iPhone or iPad running the latest iOS 8 firmware. All you have to do is wait an d watch the WiFi signal to appear next to the Carrier name. This means that your WiFi calling feature is up and running, no you can make calls to any desired number using this feature.


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