How to Watch famous TV serial Episodes on your smartphone. [ Android /iOS]

Today we will let you know how to get your favorite TV Serial Episodes on your Smartphones and watch them where ever you want without sticking to your TV at home.

There have been many free apps that will let you see some of the famous TV shows online, but you can’t have all the episodes made available at the same time.


The other best way to Watch episodes online was the torrents that are facing quite a tough time currently and most of the owners are behind bars currently.

So we have collected some of the coolest apps and sites for you to watch favorite TV Serial episodes and favorite program episodes on your Android or iOS smartphones. If you have that old Lumia device or Windows 10 loaded phone, then you can enjoy the pleasure of Watching episodes on your Phone as well.

Watch Series TV Shows Online for Free on Android smartphones

Here is the list of Top TV Serial episode loaded apps and sites:

1- :

This is the best site where you can watch your favorite TV show on your phone. All you have to do is sign up for the best experience. Serials like Mr. Robot, Suits and Stranger things are the most liked shows online currently. If you have an android device (With older Android version installed )you may face the Adobe Flash support error when you tap on the video to play. But this error can be fixed with the help of these guides.

1- Flash Player for Android.  2- Flash Player for old Android versions.

2- Hulu & Netflix:

The above Apps are not free but they are considered as the best source of TV serial shows and all those episode that you are looking to watch online which you can’t see on your cable TV.  Hulu lets users watch premium TV shows and movies on their smartphones or tablets without paying a subscription fee. While the Netflix app is also loaded with current and classic shows.


3- ShowBox:

Th best thing about ShowBox is that you can watch all your favorite channels for not only free but in Full HD quality. So if you have a good quality connection installed at your work or home, you can download this app and search for your favorite TV Show Episodes. You can download the app form the following link, We try our best to have the updated version of the app to be made available for you to download. You can also download Showbox app for PC as well following the little trick given below.

ShowBox for Android | ShowBox for PC |

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