How to Zip Files On iPhone/iPad Easily


Well as on Android we can do what ever we want but when it comes to Apple no you cannot. Most of the we don’t need a Zip file in iOS core, but sometimes we do and yet there is no such permission on Apple devices. But you cannot say that using a Zip file is prohibited on the iOS third party apps are there to do this task. Today i’ll guide you how to Zip files on iPhone and iPad. There are few apps that work perfectly on iPhone and iPad to Zip files and Unzip them. Before starting the guide let me clear one thing that there is no such by default option in iPhone or iPad to Zip files. We are using Zip Tool that lets you easily Zip and Unzip file on iOS.

How to Zip Files On iPhone/iPad Easily:


Step 1: Download the Zip Tool on your iPhone an iPad.

Step 2: Now you have to transfer files on Zip Tool.

Step 3: Open Zip Tool and Tap on Wifi Transfer.

Step 4: You’ll get an IP on next page paste the IP in your PC browser.

Step 5: Copy the you want to Zip.

Step 6: Now that you have copied the files in Zip tool.

Step 7: Tap on Local Files.

Step 8: Now Tap on Edit and select the files to Zip.

Step 9: Tap on zip from the options below.

Step 10: This will create a new Zip file in the same location.


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