HP Slate Pro 12 Comes with 12 inches Screen and Pointer


HP wants to have a strong catalog of tablets this season, from affordable models, products aimed at the professional market. Nor are closed platforms, as had been doing with its latest tablets, so there are models with Android, others with Windows. We call attention to the products with Android, primarily one with a considerably large screen size. It is called , and as its name suggests, there are 12.3 inches on the diagonal of the panel.

The design reminds us, relatively speaking, to a HTC One. It seems that some manufacturers of tablets have begun to follow the footsteps of LG, and create models with less frames, as if it were to stretch the size of a phone.


Accompanying this giant tablet, we have a more moderate proportions model, called HP Slate Pro 8. Here we go down to 7.9 inches, but we increased significantly the pixel density. The smaller model has a resolution of 2.048×1.536 pixels while the Slate 12 drops to 1600×1200 pixels.

In both cases, the engine is the same, chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 , which is not exactly the most modern market model, but is fully capable of dealing with these resolutions, and has more than proven relationship with Android. The always important, RAM is 2GB.

As you can see from the pictures, we find two front grilles, matching speakers. It is also interesting that the hinged cover is presented as an accessory. Undoubtedly the star accessory is a pointer called Duet Pen , which until the contrary is proved, is included in the pack.

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