HTC 10 Will Come With “World First, World Class” Front and Back Camera

HTC continues to post the teasers for its upcoming flagship smartphone. New teaser tells all about the cameras that will be on HTC 10. The teaser posted by the HTC officials on a twitter account is self-explanatory.

Actually, in the teaser image the company hinting the next flagship that is rumored to known as HTC 10, will have the camera with extra ordinary features. The company teaser text tags along “World First, World Class, Front and Back. You will see”. The “World First” hints that it would be the latest featured camera on HTC 10 and which could be revolutionary as “World Class”.

However, It could be a wise decision if company implements a great camera in hardware and image processing with focus on to amp up the front facing camera, as time go by and social media has expanded and so many people use video chatting apps and pictured base social media platforms like Snap Chat, Instagram and similar known to be filled up with selfies. Therefore, it seems absurd that if any phone maker has initiated to upgrade the features of front facing camera.

Even so, we have to wait for the official launch and see if the claim goes true. But if the phone comes with same sensors as we saw in Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P that means it will not much revolutionary thing too.

Yet, HTC has also not announced a launch date or even an announcement date for their next flagship but the rumors suggest that it could come sometime in April mid.


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