HTC First could be the first Facebook smartphone.


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Tomorrow April 4, Facebook is getting ready to  announce what they call “new home on Android” in a press conference. With that the rumors are also heating up. With all the buzz of HTC’s partnership with Facebook the expectations of the first ever Facebook phone announcement are getting stronger. Most of the top tech bloggers have posted about this rumor.  

The guys Evleaks tonight have posted the image of an unknown HTC first  device, the interesting part of the image is that by design, fonts, colors and all these new pendant to tip it could be the rumored HTC Myst, the first Facebook Phone .

In one of the comments the leak source confirmed the design and specs stating as,

“Sources who have seen the Facebook/HTC smartphone hardware in-person say it is reminiscent of an iPhone. It includes an iPhone-like “home button” on the bottom center, and this button is surrounded by horizontal function keys on the right and left side. These buttons are said to be capacitive. Above the keys is a display slightly larger in size to the 4-inch display found on the iPhone 5. Recent rumors have pointed to a collaborative Facebook/HTC phone featuring a 4.3-inch display.”

The HTC first , as we saw yesterday, would have a 4.3-inch screen, dual core processor at 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM , 16GB of memory, cameras of 1.6 and 5 megapixel and a new application launcher created by Facebook to integrating all functions of the phone with your social network.

All are rumors but certainly not likely to fail Evleaks with leaks nor Android Police guys. The good thing is that we have less than a  days to be sure.

Source : @evleaks

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