HTC One M9 (Hima) Leaked specs, images and Release Date.


2014 was a news making year for the Smartphone fans.  Especially, products like HTC M8 offered the much desired spice in the recipe. Good news is that the next edition, HTC One M9 is all set to rock the floor. The future flagship device from HTC seems to be even better design and some leaked or concept images that have been surfacing on the web shows the anticipation level is much higher then any other device.

How about the name Hima? It sounds quite distinctive; what ever, this is said to be the code name of HTC One M9. Here we present you the most expected specs of the device those we have received through a strong source.

The specs sheet of the HTC One M9 code-named Hima shows some powerful features to be added in the device which can be competed with any High End smartphone of 2015. The whole specs sheet have been revealed by a renowned HTC tipster @upleaks which have been famous for leaking all the info about the upcoming HTC device before time. This twitter user have mentioned the device as a high end phone of the year from HTC and we have no doubt that this will be the flagship device of the year for the company. Here is the detailed specs for the HTC One M9 and some leaked images alongside the most expected release date.

Dimension, Performance:

Reportedly, the product will be having 144.3 x 69.4 x 9.56 mm dimension, but there is no information regarding the mass of it. This is going to be a super performer through the packed excellent Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 eight core chipset along quad core Cortex A57 processor rotating at 1.5 GHz. However, there is a quad core Cortex A53 set up expected as well along side. The arrangement is buzzed to be mated with 3 GB RAM. In terms of connectivity, the product is expected to bring Cat 6 LTE options.


Display, Camera

M9 is going to be a similar device as of its predecessor in terms of display with 5 inches Full HD panel. Android 5.0 Lollipop is the most expected platform for the device with all latest upgrade. In terms of snapper, the device will be having a 20.7 MP at the main end. Though nothing has been made certain yet, still, believing the rumour mills we can hope for a 4 MP option at front for your selfie needs.  Though some rumours of 13 MP front shooter is floating, but it is less likely to occur. This is a perfect marketing plan to attract consistently with something new and catchy.

Battery, Colour options: HTC learns from other’s mistake

The whole system is expected to get powered by a 2,840 mAh battery system, which is an improvement in comparison with the predecessor. Reportedly the product will come in a Gun Metal Gold edition along all those the earlier colour versions as of with M8. Anyway, the company plans for bringing the other editions like blue, red, etc gradually after the product’s arrival.


Addressing the issues with the QHD panel driving increased battery back-up the company is planning for offering better battery back-up support with M9. We must say HTC is wise enough to learn from the mistakes of its competitors. Specifically Nexus 6 is the one that has been considered as the reference point for the manufacturer. On a whole, the users are obviously getting better battery support.

What’s extra?

HTC does its homework well. Buzz is that the company is considering all those minor issues with the earlier devices pretty seriously and determined enough to bring in a whole new avatar instead of any formal upgrades. Some one puts more attention when you give something extra; it’s quite a general concept. Reportedly, HTC is planning to offer the native stuffs like DotView case, Premium Screen protector and many other stuffs with the device.


To get sure more about these specs you just need to have a little more patience, but it won’t get any late than March.

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