Huawei is Planning to add fingerprint scanner on their low end devices


Although there are few who just treading European soil, in China there is a real battle for taking market phones less than 1,000 yuan , which are to be 146 euros to change. This competition is getting high and more news are coming about powerful midrange and low from those latitudes. Even giants like Huawei,  dimensions are breaking the face for taking the best bet below this ceiling of 150 euros, and as revealed in , the strategy of this manufacturer will include in its cheaper devices features up now reserved for the upper ranges as fingerprint scanners.

But this information is confirmed not only by the internal information on the website, as vice president of Huawei himself, Wu Zhou, has also stated that both the fingerprint scanner as support for all networks will become two characteristics standard for the vast majority of their devices.

hawai fingerprint sensors

This information from also refers to an alleged first device with fingerprint sensor but name is still unknown, but soon it would be released with these standards by less than 1,000 yuan in that country.Unfortunately, information has been accompanied by the alleged diltrada image of a modeled device Ascend Mate July.

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