Idol Champ Apk for Android smartphones.

Idol Champ Apk

Download the latest version of Idol Champ Apk v1.0.559 and vote for your favorite singer for the show. This Korean show is getting famous and has already millions of audience all across the world. Thus we are here to bring you the latest version of the official app for the show the Idol Champ Apk which has recently released their updated version 1.0.559 apk. You can download and install it on your device following the link given below. Here are some of the main features of the app given below.

[Idol champ] ‘For the idol fandom for ”
The wanso virtue jilaep ‘ahchaem’ through the full participation broadcasting ~ !!

1. Idol champ?
Defcon, Donnie Jung Hyung Don, stone piggery, (GIST) do syochaem Titans Champion Song weekly Oh and great stage for MC!
And the show to star idol and other programs 360 and hit maker, One Fine Day!
MBC Plus Meet at once with ‘Weekly Idol X Show Champion’ mobile apps!

2. Exclusive Clip Show
Hatkeulrip, exclusive video, broadcast preview, preview image seongonggae to shoot, review, notice, etc.
Only pick the scene of the broadcast ssokssok I can meet them without difficulty KPOP Star. Comeback Music appreciation is a bonus –

3. popular idol
Big Bang (BIG BANG), exo (EXO), Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS), Seventeen, Biggs (VIXX), Beast, B1A4, BtoB, Block B, BAP, Astro, winner, icons, Sechs Kies, SNSD (GIRLS ‘GENERATION) , girlfriend, agent Weiss (TWICE), Red velvet, Mamamoo, Apink, EXID, C & Chung, Yong – Wha blue, etc.
Through the shortcut icon of popular idol Hallyu K-POP Star, I am able to see only your favorite idol content filtering!
If you set as my idol and the idol choeae convenient to view only easy to collect content!

4. Vote
Artists rank idol ranking, ranking Show Champion vote, twice the week you can enjoy participating Awards broadcast on zinc and various fan voting (FAN POLL)!
Try to talk also confirmed by the comments of other students think actively –

5. Quiz
Alssongdalssong you can meet a variety of interesting trivia about my idol as a deepening and comprehensive Quiz form.
Loosen boasts a Comment quiz and lucky also to acquire various prizes!

6. bonbang back view
The MBC and MBC Every 1 WEEKLY IDOL SHOW CHAMPION Replay Music videos, behind Full video and free entertainment, music TV I can see at any time –

7. Special Events
Participate in various events and only idol Champ, SM, YG, JYP, FNC, etc. Top Star (TOP STAR) Special idol of prizes, music CD, go get an autograph picture, her treasured, collections, live bangcheonggwon Show Champion! When you donate the tribute to my idol names and missions that advertising!, Sharing with Facebook, Kakao Talk, Instagram odds of winning prizes eopeop ~ !!

IDOL Champ For android Apk

Download Idol Champ Apk:

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