Images of the Red Nexus 5 Float on the Web for the first time.


There have been reports that Google want to add some colors to its very own Nexus devices and this will not only goes with the Nexus smartphone but Nexus Tablets as well ranging from 7 to 10 inched ones. The spread rumors seem to be legit as we got the first glimpses of the Nexus 5 wearing code Red.

The Nexus 5 device shown in the leaked image shows the Red outfit and the source claims that it has been captured from a video which showed a glimpse of the Red LG Nexus 5. The source also claims that there will be more colors added to the device which include the basic Yellow and Cyan versions. This shows that developers at LG lead by Google are more fascinated with the Nokia’s Colourful Lumia series and the recent follow up by Apple with the iPhone 5C, which is regarded as the color variant of the iPhone 5.

The Red Nexus 5 and the rumoured Yellow one is most expected to be released in Vietnam somewhere in February or March, the same period in which every one is anticipating Samsung’s future Flagship device the Galaxy S5. But we have yet no info about the world wide launch of the newly added Red and the Yellow variant of the Google Nexus 5.

The new color range will be added to the stock Balck and White versions of the device which are available in market for some time now. But one thing to be reminded here is that the White Nexus 5 was released six months after the launch of the Nexus 5 Black. However there will be more news about the different colours edition of Nexus 5 in the MWC which is going to take place in Barcelona at the end of February 2014. 

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