iMessage apk for android shows up in Google Play store.

imessage for android, Android iMessage

The Apple’s most famous messaging client the iMessage popped up in Google Play store. however it isn’t the official app from Apple’s developers but still the same thing what most of the Apple users use in their iDevices. The official app is still limited to a single mobile operating system unless it’s famous contender BlackBerry messenger which has been made available for both Android and iOS users.

This new iMessage app that has been landed on Google Play Store has been unofficial yet and there is some cautions that all the messaging data is being handled by some servers located somewhere in China. Some authenticated sources have confirm the news beside they aren’t yet confirmed of how it got connected with the Apple servers from these unknown developer’s servers in China.

This actually means that if some one uses this version of iMessage apk, the messages he send will transfer to 3rd part server located in china which appears to be an Apple device and it will send the message forward. The app does requires an Apple ID and password to get connected and all the data will be transferred to these Chinese server which might be stored and obviously it isn’t safe in there. To cover this you can create a new apple ID and can submit your details to this testing server and can use the app. This iMessage for Android is registered to the apple’s assistant tools ( A Chinese site). Beside this they also provide the services of iCloud for your Android devices and PC.

Anyway, those warnings and findings aside, those who want to move forward and begin chatting with their iOS using friends can use this Google Play Store link to download the app.

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