Install OS update on Apple Watch using iPhone – How to

Well apple watch users the long awaited update has finally arrived and you may now update your respective watches using your iPhone. In this guide I have explained the step wise procedure of updating your apple watch using your iPhone. But before updating you apple watch you must have the backup, either rewrite it on the other apple watch or make a backup on your iPhone. However Apple has made it easy by giving the auto backup feature of Apple watch on your iPhone. You need to have iPhone 5s or later with installed iOS 8.3.

The update includes the improvements in Siri. The introduction of several new languages those include Dutch, Thai, Brazilian, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Turkish. The floating icons on home screen and the zoom in option is enabled by the crown at side of the Apple watch. Track distance while you use it for health purpose and much more.

Now before telling you how to update you must know that your apple watch should be at least 50% charged and if it’s not plug it in for charging. Keep the distance of Apple watch and iPhone as minimum as you can. Now follow these guide steps to update to OS 1.0.1.


Head over to the “my watch” app on your iPhone


Tap on general and software update.


Now enter the verification passcode


Wait for the download and installation to complete

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