Install Popcorn Time On iOS Without Jailbreak



Popcorn Time the most popular torrent app for Apple smartphone users , this app is rite now available for Windows OS , Mac OS and Linux OS . Apple smartphone users who have jailbreak device can use this app, but rite now you can use this app on iOS 8 with out jailbreak . Date trick allows this app to run on non jailbreak devices especially iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus . But this glitch won’t work for so long next iOS version will end this glitch and you won’t able to use this app .


Popcorn Time app is the app torrent users always want , in popcorn time you will enjoy a very large library of movies and all of them are in HD format . You can also enjoy latest movies with out any hitch in popcorn time. Mostly Apple didn’t allow such kind of apps because popcorn time app has legal issues rite now but still popcorn time is available in the app store . If you don’t want to miss the movie bonanza the use this app rite now on your non jailbreak device .


Apple iOS 8 next version is in beta phase, but the new version will be available in the final version later this month and after new final version is here date trick won’t work . SO you have less time to enjoy most the popular apps which can only use on jailbreak devices.

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