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PikPok has released an awesome completely free endless runner style Zombie game Into The Dead. The game that made zombie series lover happy and everybody starts playing it. It’s a bit tricky and difficult to continue the run among those merciless zombies. They are always slow but fighting and can attack at any moment if you ran over them. The game was first released on iOS but the update for Android make it more popular, especially if you are playing it on Galaxy Note II, it really feels awesome until you chewed by a hungry Zombie.

We found a way to get rid of them with some tricks and a bit of cracking up into the game to get Unlimited Coins to Purchase some extra armor and skip some tough missions.

I have found this crack but random Android users won’t get it, until you are a bit game geek and you know some basics. Anyways this was the only way to crack it up in Android platform yet. 

Look at my Game Play Screen Shots. Look at the coins and unlocked guns and roses 😛



Follow the following Steps to get unlimited Coins.

  1.  Download the application in the Given Link. (SBgameHacker1.3.apk) (Size 434Kb)
  2. Install the application SBgameHacker1.3.apk
  3. Now open the application ( A wrench logo will appear on window which mean the app is running in background)
  4. Start Into The Dead game
  5. Start making your first run.
  6. When you die and at score screen just check how much coins you have ( in my case I had 28)
  7. Click on wrench icon and search for the value 28 .
  8. If a message appears ” Back to the game and change the number”
  9. Than you have to play the game again.
  10. Now I end up with 100 coins, so I clicked on wrench Icon and changed the number 28 -100
  11. It bring up with 1 value than I modified that value with any number e.g 978,654 and click modify.
  12. Then unlock any mission and here you go .. check out your coins 😛

You are a millionaire now enjoy shopping heavy arsenal and kick the asses of all lazy zombies.

Please must comment if you have facing any problem, I am sharing the video too incase you are facing any difficulties.


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