Compelling reasons why your firm needs an Intranet or Cloud Computing Service.

In the last, thirty or so years, computers, the internet, and associated technologies have completely transformed the way businesses operate. Indeed, these days, it’s virtually impossible to think of any company that doesn’t rely on tech to at least some degree.

From sole traders checking their email and browsing the web right up to global multinationals crunching Big Data, almost all firms use tech to operate.

However, unless you’re operating using an intranet or cloud service provider, you’ll not be taking full advantage of the considerable advantages modern technology can bring to your firm – and below are just a few reasons why.

Intranet Cloud Computing


Industry analysts now suggest data is the world’s most valuable commodity – ahead of even traditional high-earners like gold and old. Data is now the lifeblood of most firms and, if your files are compromised, it can have a disastrous impact on your company’s reputation and ability to keep operating. Storing your data in the cloud rather than on independent machines offers enhanced security – plus regular backups if the worst should happen and you fall victim to a cyberattack.


Working on separate machines is the equivalent of your staff locking themselves in separate rooms and not communicating with each other. While once it was considered relatively acceptable to transfer files from one machine to another by floppy disk or similar, those days are thankfully long behind us, and considerably more effective networks and storage solutions now exist to enable inter-device communications. By setting up an intranet with advanced software systems like those provided by Simpplr, you’ll allow your employees to share files, communicate and work collaboratively on files in real time.


No two firms are the same and the working practices and demands of all companies differ – even if they operate in the same sector. Thankfully, intranets and cloud services are highly customizable and can be tailored to your precise needs and requirements.

Time savings and improved productivity

Allowing your staff to work over an intranet or cloud platform will save considerable time on meetings and in-office communication, freeing up time and resources and improving productivity.

Make sure to learn more about Dome and how their services will motivate your team for more efficiency and effectiveness. Further, with intranet and cloud services, employees can also access files anytime and anywhere, which ultimately leads to faster decision-making processes and increased efficiency.

Improved access to required information

Storing important company information and documents in a centralized repository will mean your staff can access the data they need from any location. In particular, cloud services offer unrivaled remote access from any device, making your staff truly mobile and able to work from anywhere they can find an internet connection (which, considering virtually everyone has a smartphone these days, means pretty much everywhere).

Cross-departmental file sharing and working

Very often, the best business solutions are brought by thinking outside the box, and giving your team the same access to files can often lead to more innovative thinking and problem-solving. Using an intranet or cloud computing service puts your files (literally) at the fingertips of your staff – even those working in different departments.

Automated backups

If you store your important data on just one machine (or even separate machines), you run the very real risk of losing that information if the device fails. Transferring files to the cloud or your intranet gives an automated backup that you can rely on in the event of a machine developing a problem.

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