Introducing Zoniz – The ultimate Social Media Marketing Platform

Zoniz, ZOniz App, Zoniz social Media marketing Platform, Best social media Marketing platform

Zoniz Social Media Marketing Platform is an innovative new marketing tool that simplifies the way companies and businesses create, manage and distribute their social media campaigns.

For the first time, there is a tool that eliminates the need to hire a team of designers and programmers, saving them time and money. Now, everyone can create stunning promotional materials to create professional social media applications and integrate social media on their business website, on mobile devices and offline, in their store or wherever their customers are, from a single easy to use web platform.

For business owners this means that they will never have to hire someone to design and implement an effective social media campaign. Zoniz makes it easy for anyone to create and integrate social media applications everywhere their customers are present using predefined templates, messages and social media applications that are fully customizable. This helps business owners to never run out of ideas on how to reach their target and gives them the tools to bring to life any ideas they have.

Major features included in Zoniz Social Media Platform:

Social media optimized templates for messages, posts and applications:

Whether a company want to create a facebook image, a cover image, a promotional discount for Facebook Fans, a contest asking users to share or comment to win a prize, it can choose one of the predefined templates. The company can post them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, their own website, make them available in traditional media (magazines, newspapers, flyers) and mobile devices. Using Zoniz template library, they will never run out of ideas on how to promote their business using social media.

Zoniz, ZOniz App, Zoniz social Media marketing Platform, Best social media Marketing platform

Integrate social media campaigns directly on a business website, without driving visitors to social media sites:

 Zoniz makes it easy to create social media campaigns that seamlessly integrate on any website. This means that when business owners can create a social media  promotion, a contest, without making the potential customer leave their web page. With Zoniz they can integrate as many social media campaigns as they need, on all levels: across the site, on a specific page, upon completion of a order. Once Zoniz is installed on a website, business owners can set-up and schedule all social media promotions directly from an administration panel, giving them a powerful tool to test different campaigns and see which ones gives the best results on a daily base.

Schedule all social media campaigns:

Any business owner or company can schedule every element of their social media campaign to be published on a specific day and at a specific hour; from your posts on different social media sites to promotional applications on different websites. This means that they can create everything in advance and let the platform do the work for them while they focus on increasing the dialogue with their customers.

Zoniz, ZOniz App, Zoniz social Media marketing Platform, Best social media Marketing platform

Create mobile promotions:

Zoniz Social Media Marketing Platform offers possibility to make every element of a social media campaign available on any mobile device with a web browser. All this by choosing from Zoniz template library that holds  variety of mobile optimized campaigns, making it easy to start a mobile campaign fully branded in a few minutes.

Starting from just 39.99$/month Zoniz Social Media Marketing Platform offers a wide options of very powerful and easy to use tools to make social media campaigns give results.

In addition to the platform, Zoniz offers: consulting, integration, product training, integration with customers systems, design and customization.

Zoniz, ZOniz App, Zoniz social Media marketing Platform, Best social media Marketing platform

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