iOS 7 have some cool hidden features like some secret settings, discovered by developers.

iOS 7, iOS 7 new features, iOS 7 hidden features, iPhone 5s features

The iOS 7 has been announced last week with some cool new features added to the older iOS 6, most of them have been demoed on the floor of the WWDC event.  Apple has provided the iOS app developers, the beta version of the iOS 7 so that they can develop some cool games and apps in accordance to the latest platform.

Some of developers like this guy Hamza Sood has found some quite helpful hidden features in this beta version of iOS 7. The developer also claims that the the Apple has been working on a number of new features like additional gestures, Folder options and multitasking options for its stable iOS 7 version.

The new features are the hidden setting options that seems like Apple has been testing the system wide corner swipe for it’s upcoming iOS. Beside this the other Edge-swipe feature is also included in this updated version of the platform. These new setting features aims to  bolster existing edge-swipe features which were specifically made for iMessages, Safari browser and other main built in Apple apps.

iOS 7, iOS 7 new features, iOS 7 hidden features, iPhone 5s features

The new setting features some new options for user, as he/she will be able to hide the pre-installed apps that in most cases aren’t required by the users. In older version it was impossible to do so except adding some cydia tweaks to get rid of unused pre-installed apps. The other main feature is the option which enables the addition of sub folders within the collected app windows which can be closed by just pinching out.

The customization features in the settings are even more detailed and enhanced as the user now will be able to control the blurring effects, animation speed and the colouring ratios. However the developer who have explored all these options claims that these are much more developers oriented options so they may not be available in the Final iOS 7 version which will be made public this Fall. But at the same time the man behind all these explorations also states that Apple has been tweaking on the most significant iOS updates since the original iPhone.

iOS 7, iOS 7 new features, iOS 7 hidden features, iPhone 5s features


The new iOS7 will be more customizable as Apple is adding more and more options found in Android to tackle the ever growing Android popularity. The simple and sleek design is also one clear example in this regard.

The whole new feature like Folder Enhancer, SBSettings, Auxo, iBlacklist etc can bee seen in this video uploaded by the developer Hamza Sood who have defined it in details at his own twitter account.


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