iOS7 concept video highlighted all the possible changes in next Apple’s OS.

iOS 7


You might have been using iPhone 5 and you aren’t totally satisfied yet, and by this time your friends with Android devices might poke you too much about the old ugly functions on your Apple Phone. So there you are with all the answers. Yes this video uploaded on YouTube yesterday caught my attention.


You might have imagined all the things you wanted iOS 7 to do like when you are in the lock screen you want some quick setting icon, you need widgets like android, you might think about the true multitasking features and flip through all open apps real quick and easy, the ability to download files and store them locally in a user-accessible location, and much more.


So this is what you are dreaming for, or I would say your whole concepts are beautifully animated in this video, watch and share it with your Apple loving mates who are eagerly waiting for the iOS 7 for their iPhone.




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