iPad 2 with a ClamCase Air Pro Looks Like A Laptop


The fashion of the keyboard case for iPad is nothing new, but there are not many out there who call our attention. Except as notable exceptions like the Logitech Keyboard Folio FabricSkin , most seem pieces of cheap plastic, albeit with Bluetooth. Fortunately here is another rare bird ClamCase manufacturer and petite pint. Family housing ClamCase Pro stands for outstanding design and manufacture not try to hide but extolling their main source of inspiration: apple laptops themselves. The keyboard is aluminum, the area where the iPad is inserted is made ​​of polycarbonate and the hinge that connects the two parts have a smooth finish to the set as comfortably as we get in hand from side to side.

With it, many believe that bear a laptop, not a tablet when Do not move and although its primary function is precisely to provide the best experience to those that you are all day writing, is designed so that you can continue to use the tablet as such when you want.


ClamCase hinge Pro allows you to adjust the keyboard at any angle, even turning completely 360 to annul it completely or use it as a pedestal are hidden behind the screen of the iPad. The keyboard is automatically disabled in this tablet mode so there is no risk of accidentally pressing any key.

And speaking of the keyboard. Its design and texture resembles too much to Apple’s own, except that here has been space to accommodate a number of special keys with iOS shortcuts to return to the Home screen, open Spotlight or Siri, control the playback of multimedia content, copy, cut, paste .

The result is quite simply the great and not find no better case to use your iPad as if it were a laptop. Not everything is perfect, though. With it, the iPad Air 2 wins 540 grams , 100 more than the tablet weighs himself alone, and yet, if so to utilize on your legs with the adjusted screen at a comfortable angle, you had better always keep a doll on the keyboard if you do not want it falling back. It’s not something you notice when you write, but it’s enough “but” to mention it.

Check Out More Details Here.. ClamCase Pro for iPad Air 2

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