iPad Air 2 Bends and loose not only shape but every thing it has. [bendgate test]

iPad Air 2 Bend Test

The famous BendGate of the iPhone 6 Plus was quite viral soon after the launch of the device when users started complaining the issue with their devices getting bend over on a slight pressure even in their pockets. Now this bendgate issue not gonna stop either as the iPad Air 2 has been tested under the LAW of Bendgate which mean torture your device and check it out how much it bends.

Unfortunately in this iPad Air 2 bend tests the person tried bending it’s unit have lost every piece of it as the iPad Air 2 seems to be displaced and totally destroyed in the first ever bend test of it’s kind with the iPad species. The video attached to this post shows an iPad Air 2 not only being bent but being snapped in half using two bare hands. But don’t worry that this will happen to your iPad Air 2, and neither should this video deter you from purchasing Apple’s latest tablet.

This shows that the makers of this latest flagship iPad device have used the same Aluminium in the assembly of this iPad Air 2 as they did used in the making of both iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. However since the size of iPad Air 2 is quite huge so you don’t have to / Can’t put it in normal pocket so there is no chance of pocket bending issue to happen with your iPad Air 2. But be sure not to sit on the bag housing this iPad or else you will end up with the same device seen in the video below.

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