iPad Air 3 going to have all the super performing specs, A9 Processor, 4GB RAM and much more.


All the iPad fans out there has one question on their minds as when is the new iPad Air 3 coming out and how powerful would it be as compared to the previous iPad Air 2 which has seen some great marks on the sales charts. The anticipations are high and so are the rumors all around the web depicting the most expected specs sheet for the iPad Air 3 which is expected to be released this summer.

Apple is known to believe in the strategy of making products available in a restless manner. There always stay multiple products in its pipeline. Hence, the fans do have always to talk about something or the others. Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were thoroughly encouraging. iPhone 7 is gripping the fans, but thee is another name as well that has managed to find its place meanwhile. It’s the iPad Air 3 that we are talking about. Despite the fact that the product is no at any closer distance, still the rumour mills are having very sharp piece of eyes to take a dig at them.

Rumoured 4 GB RAM for enhanced performance

Reportedly a fresh rumour mill product has surfaced that talk of certain specs about the device. The report claims that the third installment of the device will be sporting a terrific 4 GB RAM for performance boost in the upcoming iPad Air 3 for 2015.

Through the addition the device will be more efficient in terms of its RAM. In fact the source claims the particular addition with double the performance. It will be the most enhanced addition in whole iPad line-up as 2 GB is what the fans have experienced at the maximum. Reportedly, Cupertino has taken such a step just to ensure its multi-tasking delivers up to the mark. Additionally, RAM speed has a direct effect on the speed of a device. In short, this is a brilliant addition on a whole.

Storage space hike is quite apparent as well:

One thing we can derive as well from this rumour, of course if it happens in real that the iPad Air 3 is going to offer more native storage space for its users. Storage is the department Apple has always shown scarcity for its users. Anyway, the fans are going to expect something different this time now.

The analysts say this increase in RAM is an attempt as the consequence of increased competition in technology devices category. We agree this is not something as popular as the iPhone 7, still if we take a look at the Note line-up devices those used to be mid-range once have become quite successful and crucial for its manufacturer. Point is you can never take anything lightly at any stage.


A9 Processing unit for upcoming iPad Air 3

It’s a rumour about a whole compilation of performances. Reportedly, Apple is making different approaches for its performance enhance. Buzz is that south Korean giant manufacturer Samsung has own the bidding and is all set for making processing unit for its arch rival Cupertino. The premium devices like iPhone 7 will be running through these processors. The same processor is going to be there with iPad Air 3 as well. Now the speculation of iPad Air 3 to be a thoroughly performing device seems to be having some real intensity.  A9 processor to be implemented is being prepared by Sammy.

The A9 processing unit will be playing through 14 nm FinFET concept that makes the hardware set trimmed, feather weight, and more powerful. A trimmed chip clearly indicates towards an even slimmer device.

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