iPhone 5C, The Budget iPhone’s front panel got leaked, expected to release in September.

The next iPhone is ready to be revealed but this time it will not be alone as company decided to add another series of budget phones in its inventory. This new budget iPhone is named iPhone 5C and will be released alongside his elder high-end cousin named iPhone 5S. Both phones expected to show up in the second week of September.

The launch date is getting closer and the hype is also getting higher lots of lots of rumors buzzing all over the web just like what happened last year when the iPhone 5 was going to be revealed. This time we got some leaked images of the budget iPhone 5C, showing the front panel of the phone which is quite identical to iPhone’s very own design. The source this time is a Chinese tech site who claims that this front cover is of iPhone 5C fully assembled with light plastic but has the same iPhone 5 looks.

The all plastic built phone has some new designed inside wiring. There have been many images and videos leaked earlier that claims the future budget iPhone will look like the current iPhone 5. But if we connect all the dots, we come to know that this new iPhone 5C smartphone will be based on the same shape and size as adopted by iPhone 5.

But beside all these leaks we still have no confirmation from any Apple source about this iPhone 5C variant which is called a budget version of the upcoming iPhone 5S. If we take the last years iPhone 5 rumor build up as an example the leaked images found in most cases are always legit. iPhone 5 was announced in September but it’s first leaked image pops up in early may 2012.

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