iPhone 7 Case Leaked in Images; No room for Headphone Jack?

iPhone 7 case leaked

Apple is expected to reveal its new iPhone brand in next few weeks but it won’t be iPhone 7 as we might have expected. Recent renders suggest that Apple’s upcoming event will come with the brand new 4-inch iPhone SE in replace to the aging iPhone 5S. However, there are several leaks and rumors dwelling on iPhone 7.

The latest rumor appears with iPhone 7 case image, giving some forecast on Apple’s next flagship iPhone. The image of the smartphone accessory isn’t stirring news but the areas of ports cut out and some similarities gave the insights to the upcoming flagship.

The case in leaked image of the Apple’s next smartphone suggests same design to current iPhones. Some common features are round corners and a thin profile. The buttons, rear camera, and flash combo are placed in the same locations and there’s no sign of dual-camera setup at the opening which is already rumored for iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 case leaked 3

However, in contrary to similarities, three port openings found at the bottom of the case. The openings spotted are without the same order to the headphone jack, Lightning port and speaker slots. The headphone jack is withdrawn and the lighting port seemingly laid by new dual speakers.

We can score the leaks source accuracy that proved accurate to previous leaks. So, these early leaks might have also indicated the headphone makers to go on to the new design.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are to go official until six months so we can also say it would be too early to confirm these leaks.

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