iPhoto is Long Gone for Sure ! Long live photos

Believe me, before the end of spring all users of OS X Yosemite’ll be shouting these words.And now that I could spend some time using in-depth beta for Mac Picture my impressions have become even more positive than during that first tour of the new application from Apple .

Photo is definitely much faster and more agile than iPhoto never was, and yes, more simple, practical and powerful. Even though we speak of a beta and the final version could even include some more change, Apple has done very well this time duties. We are not at all to another iMovie or Final Cut X, applications were rewritten from scratch, leaving behind countless features that were not recovered until later revisions.

The former Rating Star has disappeared, but one of the things we’ve learned over the years is: most users are not able to use them correctly. Or give 5 stars, or give 1, but the criteria when assigning any value dances overnight making it pretty useless and unnecessarily complicated. The heart to mark our favorite pictures and videos is much more practical. Do you like it? Mark it. Fin. And if still you are strong supporters of the old system and tenĂ­ais your photo qualified bookstore photo, calm, during migration scores are converted into labels so you can always create Smart Albums to filter them as you wish or even find them from the browser writing something like “4 star”.

In the future perhaps roles such as curves, split view, magnifier, adjustment brushes (which paradoxically themselves were on the iOS version of iPhoto) or, please, the ability to copy and paste adjustments are implemented to retouch a image and apply changes to an entire sequence with similar features.

As you see there is room for improvement, but again, knowing clearly what is and is not photos, I have no doubt that this is a remarkable addition to OS X is well worth the two corpses left on the road.

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