3 Best IPTV players for Mac OS & iPhone (Link + M3u Playlist)

Today I am bringing the list of the 3 best IPTV players for Mac which will help you experience the best of TV on your iOS-running iPhone, iPad or even on your Mac OSX-loaded computers. Currently, more and more IPTV sources known as Internet Protocol TV Providers, are emerging as many regions around the world are currently enjoying good stable and high-speed internet facilities. The role of IPTV cable TV thus isn’t regarded as the only source for TV lovers.

In this list of 3 Best IPTV players for Mac OS X and iOS Apple iPhone, I made sure that you can have the ability to run both the M3u Player provided by the IPTV services or even the source link you can run on your PC or Smartphone running iOS.

I have tested and tried most of such players on my PC and even on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, the premium Apple iOS device, and found out that there are some of the main featured apps that you should try on your devices as well.

Best IPTV Players for Mac Computers

Since there are many IPTV Players available for iPhones, but when it comes to Mac OS-running computers. The list shrinks to a single-digit number of players for Macs are already quite limited.

Before heading forward for a better TV Experience you should go for a proper IPTV m3u player Service provider to get the best IPTV experience on your devices.

There are tons of IPTV subscription providers in the USA which will help you to get the best new internet tv as your new IPTV m3u 2022 player satellite tv alternative. This is way better than the local DTH service support provided by the companies.

IPTV players for Mac

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1- VLC Player: (M3u PLayer) for Mac OS X:

No matter which device you are using, The VLC is no doubt one of the best Universal Multimedia players that can run anything that you want. Talking of anything, Yes it can stream online TV channels as a charm.

The best thing is all you have to do is you can add the M3u list which is provided by the sources and you can have it running like a charm. To be honest the best part about this app is that it’s the best M3u Player you could ever have on any platform. You can even perform some helpful tricks to increase the Online streaming speed of the VLC PLayer.

VLC IPTV Player for MAC

2- Perfect Player :

The Perfect Player runs the IPTV playlist quite as well as the VLC player does but it’s not as familiar with HD playback as the former does. The best thing about this Perfect Player is that it has the look of a TV and the app design and navigation are quite easier as compared to other app players.

This is why the Perfect Player is regarded as the best IPTV M3u Player for Mac OS X and iOS. Perfect Player IPTV is an advanced IPTV solution for MacOS users. It boasts an extensive range of features, including EPG support and a playlist organizer. Its semi-transparent OSD makes navigation easy, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Perfect player for Mac

You can download the Perfect Player from their official site both for the Apple Mac OS, Linux, and even for iOS smartphones with better specs.

3- IP Television Player:

The third and most talked about IPTV m3u Player for iOS is this IP Television player which has all the features of a player that can run the best TV experience both on iOS and Mac OS running MacBooks and iMac. You can download this IPTV player from the official site.

IPTV Player for Mac

4. Kodi

Next up on the list is Kodi, a highly customizable IPTV solution for MacOS. It allows users to stream IPTV channels effortlessly. One of the features that set Kodi apart is its add-ons that extend its capabilities, enabling users to tailor the viewing experience to their liking.


GSE SMART IPTV is another excellent IPTV player for MacOS. It supports a wide range of video formats and offers a user-friendly interface. The app allows users to import playlist files and offers parental control settings, making it a favorite among families.

6. iPlayTV

Designed specifically for MacOS, iPlayTV is known for its visually appealing and intuitive interface. It supports M3U formats and integrates well with Apple devices, allowing seamless streaming of IPTV channels.

Besides the TV apps that are discussed above, we have the following ones which you can download on Android or PC.

1- Wiseplay IPTV Player.


3- TVCast IPTV on your TV

4- OTT Player for IPTV.

Besides this, if you want some free TV streaming apps on Android then follow this link here. If you have a smart tv like Samsung which mostly operates on Tizen OS, then the best free IPTV app for Samsung smart tv is the Siptv app which is fully free and can be downloaded directly on Samsung smart TV.

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These IPTV players for MAC have significantly improved the MacOS users’ viewing experience, offering a plethora of features to customize the viewing to individual preferences. With the advent of IPTV services, enjoying your favorite sports and drama series on your MacOS device has never been easier.

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