Is Doulci iCloud Bypass software really working or is it just a Scam?


There have been still some talks about the doulCi, a tool made by some hackers to Bypass the iCloud Activation. But is this real or just a scam. The best thing about this tool that most of the users claim that the users who have found their devices locked can bypass the most needed iCloud activation process without the need of entering the Apple ID and Password essentially bricking the device.

But all the users who have been celebrating the success of their devices unlocked, all had the iOS 7 or iOS 7.1 but with the release of the iOS 7.1.2 the authorities at Apple have successfully roll out the chances of this app to work around their solid security system. With the addition of this patch the doulCi servers have stopped responding to the request while bypassing the activation process. So the question still rises is this DoulCi Team is real ?

So there others who have followed the same pattern in posting the same type of Bypass tool  a scam located at iphonehackios7.blogspot uses this precise SEO trick, as well as others, to allegedly help you remove iCloud Activation on your iDevice.

“Apple has created a protective measure if you lose or if your iPhone is stolen it can be blocked, If your iPhone is blocked when you want to activate it will ask you to enter your email to send code to the rightful owner, but because you aren’t rightful owner you can’t have that information. But now with this software will you solve that problem. This is the hack tool with which activate your iPhone quickly and easily. Below will explain step by step how to do it,” the author explains.

The same has been done by the doulCi team as their most trusted source of bypassing the iCloud activation have been blocked by Apple and they have not been able to get the other way around it. All the loop holes have been vanished so all we have now are the fake promises and future dates that have been issued by the doulCi team.


There are some reports that the team has been found making lots of fake accounts to generate positive comments about their project. All the sources have claimed that it has been the fact now that the doulCi tools has been no more then a scam for now. These fake accounts that has been made by the men behind this whole scene will post successful iCloud Bypass stories to create doubts in the mind of new readers and there are reports that the doulCi team has been making $200-300 by just spreading some astonishing news on the web every now and then.

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