Kyocera Hydro Elite got a leaked image with Verizon logo on top.

Many of you won’t know about the Android phone vendors Kyocera. Yes the company has been making some impressive mid-range phone for years now and they have their most acclaimed Kyocera Hydro Elite smartphone which has been found praised by the US carrier Verizon and is going to show up in their market soon.


The fact has been revealed after a leaked image pops up in a tweet posted by one of our most frequent smartphone tipser @evleaks. The source has reported that the team at Verizon are keen in getting the recently announced Kyocera Hydro Elite. The smartphone may be added to the Verizon portfolio in early June.


Todays tip posted by @evleaks reads like this,

 The price tag shown as $50 which is also quite low for a contract period of 24 months. However the device also don’t have anything  like cutting edge hardware or built quality which has to be praised by the carrier. But the one thing which is impressive is it’s waterproof and dustproof features that makes this Kyocera Hydro Ellite an interesting choice for customers, who have to live rough life.

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Meanwhile we already know that the Sprint has also launched one of the Kyocera smartphones named Hydro Rise recently, which made their competitors to show up with one same device in their markets. This move taken by Verizon is also regarded in a same way. Currently a survey also suggests that customers are often found looking for more rugged smartphones than ever before. That’s why Samsung also starts making some tough models of it’s High-end device. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active will be the rugged version of the original Galaxy S4. While Sony already have dozens of rugged devices available in the market and LG is also keeping up the momentum in adding some more rugged smartphones in their lists. 

source: @evleaks

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