Latest Rumors of Apple’s iWatch with concept images.


Portable devices have taken the path of future devices and manufacturers are dying to get their hands onto it. It hasn’t been long since the Pebble came into the market with Android support and lots of different features that the world didn’t see before. Samsung denoted the same with their Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. We just can’t see Apple sitting idle. This is why there’s an ongoing rumor that Apple is going to release their first watch phone in the market. So, let’s see the rumors in premium Apple way.

The last time Apple released their new devices, they came up with most of the rumored specs and idevices but they didn’t tell us anything about their future releases. We’re hearing the release of iPhone 6 and so is the release of their first smart watch named iWatch. As Apple always takes premium quality in their minds, we’re hoping for a massive success for iWatch.

Wearable devices are the next generation smart devices and the rumors are suggesting that Apple is onto it. The real truth is we exactly don’t know if any of these is true but we’re also saying that we’ve dependable sources to clarify our point. Apple iWatch will be a smart watch designed especially to synchronize with iPhones or iPads. It’ll definitely be an iOS-friendly device with lots of features to run your smartphone needs with just only a watch. iWatch might not feature revolutionary changes but it can feature some industry famous technologies. According to some sources, the display size of probably iWatch is still on decidable factor. Some of the possible prototypes are suggesting that Apple is going to use low power consumption based Bluetooth technology to communicate with the iPhone or iPad.


Although the screen size isn’t confirmed yet, we’re expecting Apple to release its watch’s screen size down to 1.3-1.5 inches. Currently, a 1.5-inch prototype is on the work running on iOS. As the questions are rising, A Korean News provider has given us the information that Apple will release two different versions of iWatch for men and women.

Other Features

A watch can be of many uses and controlling your iPhone with a voice command can be very exhilarating. Those who were pissed off for their poor Siri experience can now cheer up a bit with iWatch. It will also feature better navigation system with its Maps. Apple has already introduced the fingerprint sensor in their iPhone 5S so we’re hoping the same for iwatch. They might also include NFC based security measures as well. Also, the targeted battery life for this device is going to be around 4-5days, unlike the usual iPhone battery life.

Internal rumor and stories were very anxious to get this device within the late 2013, but apparently, we guess you’ve to wait for another 3-4months to clearly see what Apple is up to. With Biometrics sensor, the chances are Apple might regain its top position as the favorite smartphone maker with iOS platform.

We have gathered some coll concept images of the future iWatch which is most expected to be announced in the 1st quarter of 2014. The anticipation is high and there are lot of concept images of the iWatch already online. Here are some

xl_Apple iWatch









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