What should you play League of Legends or Dota 2 – Which is best for you?

Nothing is better than playing games against your friends in a variety of matches. Although the gameplay of League of Legends and Dota isn’t the same as the Battle Royale, still you can feel how the competitive gameplay would be.

Both games are offering gameplay and have played massive roles in the development of esports thanks to their consistent game mechanics and competitive gameplay. However, it is the long-debated – Which is the best MOBA Game to engage yourself in from League of Legends or Dota 2. Before starting the best part of the article, you should keep in mind that making your career from the start is very difficult nowadays. Therefore, the majority of players deal with other pro players on different marketplaces and purchase Dota 2 Account to enjoy all its features.

League of Legends or Dota 2

League of Legends vs. Dota 2

Without any doubt, League of Legends veteran would opt the LoL as the best game ever, while the question is asked by the Dota Veteran the answer would be Dota 2. Seriously, it is quite tough to convince the LoL player to play Dota 2.

However, the scenario may be different if the same question asks by a new player who has neither played LoL nor Dota 2, but intending to join one of them. Therefore, we bring an article covering all key aspects of Dota 2 and League of Legends to take a head-to-head look.

Champions and Heroes

If you’re an LoL fan, then you might know that the playable characters in both games are known as champions and heroes, respectively. If you thinking to move from one game to another game, then you should keep in mind that there are not too many champions available to choose from in League of Legends.

Because the game offers a limited number of champions that you can grab for free, while in Dota 2, all playable heroes are available from the start following the footsteps of the first release. Both things can be considered as good or bad things, depending on how you see things.

Roles and Builds

In the selection of roles, League of Legends is a bit strict and dictates that all team members must roll out with a tank or possessing melee abilities of the top-lane. In short, your champion should familiar with spell-casting and belongs to the middle lane.

Therefore, the game doesn’t introduce any space for flexibility. On the other hand, nothing is fixed like League of Legends with roles that dictate which playable hero goes through a specific thing first.

Gameplay and Communities

Almost all the gameplay of both titles are the same, even they can take place in the list of alternatives Dota 2 or League of Legends. In the game, you’re supposed to make a team of five members and embark on a journey to defeat an opposing team using melee attacks, ranged weapons, or further equipment.

There’s nothing for free, you must earn in-game money by completing objectives and unlock your favorite stuff. Both games have massive communities where you can jump in to let others help you on a specific topic such as finding the best key deals for other games.

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