Leaked image of the iPhone 5S Motherboard shows A7 processor.

Apple’s next smartphone could be iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 but whatever Apple going to name the device it has already been served as the most anticipated device of year 2013. With all the rumors surrounding this alleged smartphone popping up frequently. With all the speculations there are some more leaked news believed to show the motherboard of the iPhone 5S added some more buzz to already most rumored device.

A well known tech site DroidGator has posted some images of a Motherboard which seems to be remarkably similar to the current iPhone 5. The only difference one could find is the chip name which reads “A7”. Watching the whole design of the motherboard made all the rumors to be proved correct in which iPhone 5S was described similar to the current iPhone.With these chip sizes one can clearly assume that the next iPhone will also have the same 4-inch display. We have already seen the leaked images of the strips and home button.

iPhone 5S Motherboard, iPhone 5S leaked, iPhone 5S images

Apple Repeating the History with iPhone 5S ?

There is no evidence of new changes to be made in the hardware as well. These leaked images have made analysts think about the same iPhone 4S strategy which was actually iPhone 4 packed with better processor and extra RAM.

According to the report published with the leaked images there are several other new and interesting improvements for Apple fans have been expected like the addition of 2GB RAM and the new updated version of Siri that will support more languages. That has been also stated that the iOS 7 will also  makes it way to the market with the new iPhone which will support iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S processor, iPhone 5S chip

In our last article about the launch of iPhone 5S the an analyst has already made some hints that the iPhone 5S will be announced somewhere in June this year. He also reported about the same design and display size for the next iPhone. For a real Apple fans that looks like a bit disappointed, as the images clearly demonstrating the fact that Apple is repeating iPhone 4S formula for it’s next generation of iPhone. Only adding a  new chip or RAM would not make all Apple fans wishes come true.

For that we have to wait and see till June. Or some one will again come u with leaked images.

Source : Driod Gator

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