LG G3 battery drainage issue- How to fix it.


Some users of the LG Flagship device LG G3 have complained about the battery drainage issues which have been faced by many users even though they are not using their LG G3 smartphone in heavy use mode. Before going deep into the issue we will let you know why the LG G3 eats that much of battery. The device has a 5.5 inch display with 2K display which is twice more in resolution then the Full HD display.

Under the hood the device has a powerful snapdragon 801 CPU supported with 3GB RAM and a powerful GPU as well. Although there is a 3,000 mAh battery but still the results are not as good as it has to be. So we will look deep into the LG G3 battery drainage issue and how to fix the device. But before going further one should note that to get a longer or better battery life the device must be charged once in a day and must be charged full once.

All you have to do is follow these steps given in the guide below.

LG G3 Battery drainage issue – How to fix guide:

The customized UI of the LG gives you the option to save your battery in the settings menu. You can set any specific user level to fix the issue according to your use. In order to use the settings you read this step by step guide.

Wipe Cache Partition of the LG G3 :

1- Tap on the settings

2- Move to the General tab and then tap on the Storage.

3- Now tap on Cached data and then press OK.

Reset Your LG G3 :

1- To Master reset your LG G3 you should move to settings and tap on General.

2- Tap on the Backup to save your data.

3- Then tap on the Reset.


Battery Using apps Data:

1- If you want to take the culprit app which is resulting the draining of your app.

2- You can do this by taping on the settings menu.

3- After that tap on the General option and then the Battery.

4- Inside there tap on the Battery Use and check out all the apps eating the battery.

5- You can force close those apps to save the battery of your LG G3.

Hope that this guide will help you in stopping the LG G3 battery drainage issue and this new LG G3 3,000 mAh battery will give you better time and use as it has to be.