LG G4 Note: a new filtered image shows the back and also the ‘stylus’


Few days jumping into the fray a new terminal LG ago, just after some Korean media would start to talk about the metal chassis and LG would not arrive in time G4 with them. It was said that the LG G4 Note the premiered, and leaked some images soon after finishing the course competitor LG for the range phablet , who first arrive with high-end design and not lowering possibilities as did the LG G3 Stylus last year. There is no official release date out yet so we have to hold our horses.


The truth is that catches displayed taught an upper hollow which many attributed to a retractable antenna for a TV receiver, although some have been slow to learn that it was indeed the position would place a stylus .

Obviously, all are rumors and leaks that can not confirm nor even know if eventually come as LG G4 G4 Note or LG Stylus, nor whether there will be two different versions possibilities and prices.

What seems to confirm the movement of LG is that to take advantage of wide format devices, the pen has become an essential element.

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