LG G4 Will Come With Snapdragon 810 and 16 MP Camera


LG brings two consecutive years bringing to market a badge ships pointers, they are getting consolidating the company as one of the most important in the Android world . This job well done has made ​​its next big mobile, the LG G4, is one of the most anticipated of the year.

With so many eyes are on it, it is not surprising that we have not had to wait too long in this 2015 for the first alleged leaks about what we offer. Data has offered the Greek web Techmaniacs , which ensures that the mobile will come equipped with a Snapdragon 810 processor and a powerful 16 megapixel camera.

According to a supposed internal sources of the Greek media, the LG G4 come equipped with a Snapdragon 810, 3GB of RAM and a screen of 5.3 inches , slightly smaller than its predecessor, with a Quad HD resolution.


In addition, they claim to have evidence in the form of internal documents showing that the photos taken with this mobile come to a resolution of 5312 × 2988, which allowed speculate that it is possible that the next flagship Korean equipe with powerful 16 megapixel camera .

As always in these cases, rumors are rumors , and they deserve credit should not be given.It’ll have to wait to see what they have future leaks, because there will be, to see how much data Techmaniacs, do not rule out that the presentation of G4 forward from those of his predecessors are confirmed.

Via | Techmaniacs

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