LG G5 specs, price and date of release rumored all.

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The LG G5 is fashioning the market and declared as the one of the most upstanding Android devices of the year. There are alot of the rumors and some so called disclosed videos of the LG’s future flagship device the LG G5 brand new flagship’s impressive camera potentiality. In the given section below all the updates about the LG G5 price, release date and spec are mentioned.

This is the 5th variant of the LG G series smartphone as the G series sets some new standards for the future flagship phone for the company. The current LG G4 has been found as the best seller flagship device for the company so far. While this upcoming LG G5 will hit new market records as some of the press images of the device have been leaked already on different tech sites.

The LG G5 can be regarded as the most anticipated device yet to be released by the Japanese  smartphone makers. We have gathered all the specs sheet of the device, mostly reveled by some authentic sources recently on different sites. All the specs sheet points towards an extraordinary smartphone camera that can be found mounted on the back of the device. The features added in the camera can make it the best Android camera phone yet. Here is more info about the device given below.

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1- LG G5 Camera

The LG G5 is back after incorporating some engrossing brand new camera features, apart from its already splendid looking camera hardware. In the newly transmitted video, LG highlights various features of its brand new devices camera software including “Quick shot” option which will allow the user to take a picture by double tapping the “volume down” key button. This feature also operates when the phone is locked.

Some other interesting features include LG’s “Gesture interval shot” that allow the user to take four pictures at one time, providing users liberty to select picture of your choice. Understanding the latest trends of Selfie LG say’s that it’s difficult to capture a good picture in a single shot and truly now a day’s people loves to take multiple pictures of same scene.

LG G5 will have 21MP rear camera with an f/1.8 aperture. This camera is offering faster shutter speed and captures more light than Samsung which is offering Galaxy S6 f/1.9 aperture lens.

Other exciting features include the laser autofocus and an infrared color spectrum that provide more accurate color replication. The front facing snapper comes in at 5.1 MP.

2- LG G5 Display

LG has broadcasted a trailer presenting the QHD display on the LG G5. In the recent trailer LG acknowledged that G5 display is 25 percent luminous than that of the LG G4 and it has 20 percent broader color range.


“Quantum IPS Display” qualities of LG G5 direct us that LG is clinging to its IPS guns. No official details have been verified regarding the confirmation of display measuring, based on leaks and some proofs resulting that display measuring in at 5.5 inches.

LG is already at the front line of smart phones display technology, purveying one of its initial Smartphone’s with a QHD resolution in the LG G3.LG Smartphone display screen provides benefits of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

3- LG G5 Design

Leaker Evan Blass revealed some work in progress of LG G5 website containing huge flow of official device suppliers. The site was shut down before anyone got a chance to download the findings.

LG G5 resembles to LG G4. The back case of LG G5 is made of leather which is replaceable, while the front houses a carbon fiber weave “effect”. It seems like multiple back leather plates are available in different colors as well as plastic cases which are inexpensive.

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The LG G4 provides a changeable battery and removable micro SD card slot similar to Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and used the same rear button setup as predecessor.


4- LG G5 Release date

LG sends invitation for an event happening on April 28 which was expected to be the launch date of LG G5. The arrival date of LG G5 was expected to be the end of May. Android PIT will also be available on the launch day for capturing the pictures, news and different reviews of the people.

5- LG G5 Price

Amazon.com is offering the price of LG G4 359.99 USD. LG assured that, unless LG brought out multiple versions of LG G4 (like a lite/mini version) the price of LG G5 will be fixed to 400 USD.

6- LG G5 Software

The LG G4 provides extraordinary opportunity to remove few by default applications already installed on Android devices. Commonly this option is only probable to obtain with root permissions. Talking about the operating systems it’s likely that the LG G5 will appear rushing optimum UI with Android 5.1 lollipop.

LG G4 Wallpapers here.

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