LG’s G4 leather back is premium and made of High quality cow leather.


Samsung introduced Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge that hits the market stores and excited the world by introducing “premium” build materials. It’s obvious that users are in search of Smartphone’s that provide some utility to them and they are expecting a little more luxury in their $700 smartphones. Apparently manufacturing is becoming more of artistic skill. LG G4 is following the interesting idea floated by Motorola’s leather backed Moto X (2nd gen).

LG claims that they used the highest quality cow leather on the Smartphone made in Korea, and spent considerable amount of time on the quality of the final product so that it may gives users a great sense of satisfaction. The manufacturing process takes 12 weeks in total from start to finish, and the production process more than 10 times of the normal rear covers which takes usually 4 days.

The high quality leather LG G4 using tiny 0.001 micrometer pores which makes it comfortable and smooth in the hand. They also worked on improving the rear covers resistance to moisture and heat.


Now everything depends on the market response whether this luxury option attracts the users and how much company can earn extra premium. Anyway if you’re choosing LG G4 you are secured of not buying any inexpensive stuff.

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