LinkedIn for Windows Phone updated with new features.

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LinkedIn already have some cool app variants for Android and iOS plateform, Now they are looking to make some efforts in the growing Windows Phone market. LinkedIn continues to show some progress on the for this platform, to give Windows Phone application a new look and some additional functionalities. The new LinkedIn app has been just updated and is available at Windows Phone market. The updated version is named LinkedIn 1.5 for Windows Phone. The app is available for download in the Windows Phone Market.

As for as the new update is concerned the first thing that catches our attention is the new LinkedIn app’s support for the live tiles and it also now support three differnet tile sizes for the home page of the Windows Phone 8 device. Another interesting feature is the ability to customize the lock screen with the images in LinkkedIn.

 The other newely add feature in LinkedIn 1.5 for Windows Phone is that it brings support for voice recognition which wasn’t available in last version of the app.  To access this feature, you have to press and hold the “Start” button to launch voice commands then it is able to recognize the application,  such as “LinkedIn Inbox” or “LinkedIn New Status”, and gain access to these functions nstatntly. However I always regard these voice features as lazy likeness  features.

The support for other languages are also included in this version of LinkedIn. You can download other languages support for French, German, Chinese and Spanish or you can download them instatntly with the official app just by checking the language option . LinkedIn 1.5 for Windows Phone is a free application compatible with versions 7.5 and 8 operating system. The download size is 1 MB. Download by clicking on the logo.

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