Marshmallow’s share grows twofold Just in a Month


Google has recently released its Android platform distribution numbers for April, drawing insignificant changes except to the Marshmallow. The latest version of Google OS, the android 6.0 Marshmallow increased its share by two times from the March distribution numbers. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now installed on 4.6% of all android devices. While the monthly android distribution numbers for March had shown 2.3% share of Marshmallow.


The figures represent the doubling of Marshmallow share as more devices have been installed with the latest Android OS while previous Android versions slightly lost the shares. Lollipop went slightly down to 35.8% from 36.1%, still staying at the top in terms of a total number of installations. Following the Lollipop, the KitKat share plunged to 33.4% in March from 34.3% in February. Jelly Bean dropped to 21.3% from 22.3%. In other old versions, the Ice Cream already having a lower share descended to 2.2% from 2.3% while the Gingerbread and Froyo with almost dead volumes managed to stay at 2.6% and 0.1% respectively.
However at this point, among all android fans, more than 50% are using the KitKat and newer versions of Google OS. In March, more devices have tasted the Android 6.0 Marshmallow version. All Android supported mobile manufacturers have started to push the Marshmallow update for compatible devices.


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