Microsoft added some new Features for it’s Windows Phone 8 developers.


Microsoft has launched the Dev Center Application a couple of months ago to keep the important information and let the developers know the latest stats and progress of their developed applications. This week the Microsoft Development team is looking forward to add some new improvements to upload and the approval of applications for Windows Phone Store. The main developers team at the Microsoft center has introduced some much needed features that can make the life of the ordinary developer much easier. The above mentioned features were the most requested updates by the local developers as there were quite a lot of problems in tracing the stats and application status after being uploaded to the Windows Market.


Perhaps the most significant of the new features added to the Dev Center is that with the new update is that a Developer  can now cancel delivery of their applications at any time he wants. Until now there wasn’t any such service given by the Microsoft . Once the application was submitted for review the developer could not edit it or fix it again until the process application approval got completed, and that process could get 2-5 working days which made developers to wait till the results.  Now you can stop the process and make any appropriate changes your application needs before resubmitting it to the Microsoft authorities so that they can restart their verification process.

windows phone 8 developers

The other two enhancements Dev Center added is that now developers can easily post the screen shots of their apps with the application form so that the workload on verification process get low. The update adds the option to rotate images directly in the service to fit the landscape or portrait mode as we wish. It also adds the ability to automate the resolution setting so that whatever the resolution a developer uses it catches the size of the screen or it can now adapts to any phone screen.

These are small changes, but the team behind the Windows Phone Dev Center promises that more improvements will come soon and encourages all developers to post their requests on their site suggestions . This shows the Microsoft commitments to the developers that they are listening to them and are busy to make Windows Phone 8 developing much easier and make it possible to get massive app submissions and approvals.

The open forum for Windows Phone 8 development also starts getting huge responses and the developers seem to be happy yet they aren’t reluctant to ask for more from Microsoft. 


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