Microsoft An Open Source Windows will ‘Definitely Possible’

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The arrival of Satya Nadella has caused major changes in the direction of Microsoft, but what many do we’d raised is the adoption of Open Source model for the future development of Windows. Some of its engineers, as Mark Russinovich precisely states that something is “quite possible “. Russinovich is one of the heads of the operating system from the Redmond company, and was speaking during his participation in Chefcon. There the vast majority of attendees have a “complicated” relationship with Microsoft, and indeed almost all use Linux. Opening Microsoft Open Source philosophy was zero –Ballmer reached qualify cancer -. or slow for most of its history, this rate has changed dramatically in recent times Azure , the cloud computing platform company, has long supported Linux , and in fact 20% of the systems that run on this platform do so at any of the many distributions available.

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According Russinovich change was necessary, ” is the reality in which we live today “, but surprisingly the debate on supporting this philosophy has been very active in a company that has traditionally defended the proprietary model to the hilt. That Reality is not so today , as evidenced by the recent-and surprising publication of Open Source .NET under license .

Still, one thing is that Windows could be Open Source and quite another to do so . The Russinovich itself states that the operating system is very complex, and make Open Source not be easy. ” If you open anything Open Source but that includes a build system that required engineers and three months to get it going, what’s the point? “.

And yet, the idea is very consistent with the current path points that are taking Microsoft, a company increasingly service-oriented and less licenses though they still pose much of their income and are likely to benefit from a wider testing, debugging, and integration environment all kinds of devices.

This approach would probably similar to that of Red Hat , the company has achieved better monetize their huge investments of time, money and resources on Linux to market services or implementation support services from these products Open Source.Russinovich’s participation shows that this path is a possibility. Not that this will be the way to that targets Windows, of course, but even that arises something again shows that Microsoft is changing many things.

Via | Wired


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