Microsoft Office Lens for Android brings you a new scanner for documents and whiteboards

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft brings his own pocket scanner with Office Lens , its new application that can scan any paper document and notes taken on a blackboard easily through the camera of your Android device.

Running Microsoft Office Lens is very simple, just have to focus your document camera, photography, card or board you want to scan. The application will automatically attempt to trim and transform the image to correctly display the document , so we have no need to be in front of the document to get it right.

office lens

If the application does not automatically recognized the document edges can cut it manually. And thanks to its modes Document, Blackboard and Photography succeed adjust the colors and clean the scanning highlights and shadows

Office Lens allows us to save the image to OneNote, OneDrive or locally on the device. We can also convert the image into Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) or PDF (.pdf) with OneDrive.

Currently this new application is not available to everyone. Currently Microsoft just released their preview of Office Lens to which users may only download that point to Microsoft Office Preview Lens following steps:

How to download Office Lens Preview

  1. Join the community Lens Android Office Preview .
  2. Become an Office tester Lens Preview .
  3. Download Office Preview Lens .


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