Microsoft Surface Hub: Windows 10 in an all in one 84-inch


Not everything is presentation software in Windows 10 , Microsoft has shown a new device called Surface Hub , which has been present throughout the event, in the middle of the stage. We were not aware of him until he gave way to his presentation. The Redmond company has described it as a new category of devices, which will also have Windows 10 operating system. We really find the evolution of projects Perceptive Pixel , trying out the multitouch experience to giant screens .

That is precisely Surface Hub, a screen of 84 inches that can handle with our hands, and with special pointers. In short, the most advanced technology and slate that Microsoft and Windows 10 may offer.


Entering a bit, the specifications have shared, we know that the screen has a resolution 4K , commensurate with the size. He is presented as the ideal for conferences or presentations system, also ideal for collaborative work space. There is also space for speakers of generous dimensions and power, and a pair of cameras that record our presence. Logically within the hardware we can expect a fairly powerful PC. There is no shortage microphones, and all kinds of connectivity: NFC, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth NFC.

Although it is presented as a solution for wall, I see no reason why that can not be placed in the layout of a table as its touch capabilities to recognize several hands and pointers make it a device with a collaborative potential large .

Microsoft gives a very clear first orientation, which is nothing other than a system for conferences, making use of a Skype version designed for the occasion. For now nothing Prices and availability dates.

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