Microsoft to name a new CEO in 2014 – Report


The world’s most recognised software developers ready to name a new CEO for the company. According to Mashable the board of directors have a sit in and interviewed dozens of candidates and experts from different tech companies to name the new CEO for the company in 2014. The current CEO of the company, Steve Ballmer has announced in August that he will retire from his post within the next 12 months depending on when a replacement found.

The news was reported about the CEO retirement in the Guardian¬†earlier. One of the board members of Microsoft, John Thompson quoted that, ” I am pleased with the progress”, he was pointing towards the assignment of a new member as the CEO of Microsoft. He was pointed along with other members in the board leading for the search of a new CEO.

Thompson added in his statement, ” We identified over 100 of possible candidates, talked with several dozen, and focused our energy intensity on a group of about 20 individuals, all extremely impressive in their own right.” He further added, ” We are moving ahead well and I expect we will work in the early part of 2014.”


All top tech sites have reported that Microsoft has considered several big names for this most important Post for the company. The final 20 names that are now in the que are all secret. But we all know that the list must include Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop, Ford CEO Alan Mulally, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf and the former Skype CEO Tony Bates.

The list surely contains some more secret names but the above mentioned personalities are considered to be the most suitable ones for the post.

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