More leaked images of the Low end iPhone pops up, seemed to be no more rumors now.

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 It has been over 3 months since we first time across such  rumors that an  entry level low end iPhone is being made by folks at Apple and which will be announced later in 2013. But these rumors seem to be true now as more and more images have been leaked across the web and some of them have been posted on incredible web sources also like the one we see today on ‘Nowhereelse’ a French blog which posted the exact images of iPhone 5 in early May 2012, while Apple unleashed the same device in September 2012.

The current leaked images as shown above shows some back covers most probably made of low end plastic have been seen in 3 different colors i.e Red, Yellow and Green.  The back cover seems to be identical to the low end Nokia Lumia devices such as Nokia 520, Nokia 720 etc. 

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Some analysts at different sites who don’t want to see the next iPhone’s secret to be unleashed this early, marked these photos as fake and maintained their opinion that they photographer has used some fake colored back cover of some phone and engraved the Apple logo and posted them online to create some buzz about the upcoming Apple device. They have been found commenting same way when we saw different internal parts of the next iPhone leaked online including the main chip board.

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But if we connect these dots the shape of this low-end iPhone will be quite the same as shown in these images. Just in the image below if we see closely the motherboard images that have been leaked earlier and the current iPhone back cover the joints at motherboard are exactly adjacent to the points found on the inner side of the cover. So the earlier leaked iPhone motherboard found to be coincide perfectly with these mysterious back covers found on different sites.

The cover however shows a of a 4-inch device with the same iPhone 5 slim and long shape. So we can expect another iPhone with the same 4-inch screen having the same resolution. Some folks says that the cover may be a removable one but for sure that will be against Apple rituals.

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