More Leaks: The Clearest Image of Nexus 5

The Clearest Image of Nexus 5

An image of Nexus 5 displayed on forum post in MacRumors is being observed as the clearest look yet. The leaks have been good enough to inspire a couple of unofficial device renders but Nexus 5 hadn’t seen in a really good quality image.

The it’s approved by some reports that phone’s back cover is similar to the Nexus 7. After the KitKat video an FCC filing from LG described a phone believed to be the next Nexus. could make it the first unlocked, Google sold Nexus phone to do so. However, rumors already suggested, Nexus 5 will sport a Snapdragon 800, a 4.96 inch 1080p display and surface at the FCC supports LTE. It also being believed that the Nexus 5 also have an insanely great camera.

The Clearest Image of Nexus 5

As we know Nexus 5 will be the premiere device for Android 4.4 KitKat and the other leaked pics also showed the Android 4.4 KitKat in Nexus 5. The 14th of October is rumored for the announcement of Nexus flagship smartphone but they haven’t had much behind them.

The Image is definitely genuine and it doesn’t bear the hallmarks of a photoshop job and resembles much with the expectation from device. After this image leak we expect more news coming for Nexus 5 in future as its launch coming near to near.


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