More mobile approach with curved edges screens from Oppo

oppo cruved screen

If we stick to the comments you left us in the posts that have been dedicated to the new Samsung Galaxy S6 can conclude that, from the point of view of design, the Edge model you liked most . Leaving aside the discussion about the materials used in these phones by the South Korean company, the absence of micro-SD slot and others, the fact is that cosmetic display model with curved edges seem quite liking .

The funny thing is that, as we told you a few days ago, it seems that Corning could struggle to make the number of sheets of glass Gorilla Glass curved by the thermoforming process that Samsung needs to put on the market between 8 and 8.5 Edge million Galaxy S6 seeking to distribute during the second quarter of this year. What is surprising is that another company seems to have found a simpler and cheaper to manufacture screens with curved edges: Chinese Oppo.

650_1200 (3)

Obviously, this technique has some “shadows”. We do not know if this method will introduce some distortion in the images of curved edges, or impose any other limitation. But clearly, if it really works well, allow to place in the mobile market with curved edges, similar to the Edge of the Galaxy S6 principle, but cheaper because of the possibility of using conventional flat panels. And of course, this patent allows us to glimpse that Oppo might be thinking to launch smartphones with this technology. We will follow the track.

Via | GSM Arena

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