Moto E 4G is available for 129 euros, best affordable Android device


Motorola, a legendary company in the mobile phone family that has passed through the hands of Google and is now established in China under the protection of Lenovo , is my point of view the great architect of this 2015’s go see that it is probably the best generation of range input terminals and a half.

The success of your Moto E and especially its Moto G has encouraged companies, saving those that have now entered the market of free telephony, had not paid attention to these ranges, living so many years of income and name. Well it’s time to move tab. And the first major terminal that comes with the goal of returning to reign in the input range is the Moto E 4G . Take note of what a smartphone of 129 euros we can offer today.

As with the Moto G 2014, the renewal of Moto E has been quiet . If something works, why mess with experiments? The new Moto E will offer a combination that within the input range, it seems ideal.

moto e 4g

Its screen is 4.5 inches , growing slightly from the 4.3 inch model presented in May last year. The resolution does not change and remains fixed at 540×960 pixels (qHD), more than enough. The panel obviously not going to be an AMOLED or IPS last generation, but like the Moto E last year, the answer will be correct in most situations, but not overwhelm the brightness outdoors. The protection has not been neglected and is Gorilla Glass 3.

The processor is now a quad-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm 410 (MSM8916) with 1 GB of RAM and something that makes us very happy and needed: doubles the internal memory up to 8 GB series . It is not a quantity that can boast but to be grateful in times of many pictures and messaging groups eager to share content. If we need to go to your microSD card slot that supports up to 32 GB extras.

In the media, the main chamber keeps the 5-megapixel photos but no news on the front.Now that we have there, and I guess what purpose , although we were with VGA quality.


In an array as input, the feeling of robustness seems imperative. Here not look finest materials, nor the thickness or minimum weight. The day takes its toll. So the new E Moto, with increased screen adopts size does not improve. By weight, for example, rises very slightly to 142 grams.

It becomes thinner yes, with 11.9 millimeters, but instead increases in height and width to 130 and 67 mm respectively. In hand and by design, it seems to continue as a terminal capable of withstanding almost everything, and the design is not bad. The colors will again be one of attractions, although so far has confirmed only black and white.

The company now owned by Lenovo not wanted to wait at MWC 2015 to present his trump card in the input range and the Moto E is a reality . The new models, in white and in black , begin to be sold from now to 129 euros .


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