Motorola seems ready to launch it’s Moto X on July 11th.

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The official announcement of the newly most anticipated Google-Motorola mixed flavored smartphone the Moto X is rumored to be launched on July 11th in United States. The developers at Motorola have arranged a press conference on the same date and this is most likely to be the moment this new Moto X device to be unveiled in front of the press.

However many analysts still have doubt in this rumor because there are still no official invitation to tech folks who are considered essential part of any mobile device launch event. The Moto X was confirmed earlier in May in D11 event where developers from Motorola has confirmed the phone in the making with the collaboration of Google. However all the leaked specs and images have been found speculations from different sources. There are still no authentic source to be found yet.

A new staff who just have joined the Motorola team, ” Guy Kawasaki” have invited a journalist from Phone Arena to this suspicious event with the dates to be fixed as July 10 & 11. This shows that Motorola didn’t want  a crowed of journalists but they are picking up the important ones.

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Meanwhile we have seen some images of the back covers of the Moto X smartphone which are made of plastic and have a round Motorola monogram engraved on the back. This seems like the Accessories makers have been already on the role in making the covers for this Moto X phone which is still not official on any forum. In another clue the image shared on the official Motorola site shows a couple jumping in a lake with the male posing both arms and legs wide open making letter X while the female shown in a steady jump making letter I, together that makes “XI” which shows number 11 so for some that makes sense.

Anyways we hope to see this device soon so and we wish to have a full hands-on review of this Motorola- Google combined phone. For more news about the developments do Follow us on  TwitterFacebook or  Google +, and stay tuned for upcoming events, and please do share this post with your friends by clicking the share buttons below. 🙂

Meanwhile look at some concept design of the Moto X smartphone, we have collected some of the cool ones here.

Motorola, X phone, Motorola X, Motorola XFON, specs, Motorola 2013, (11)

Motorola, X phone, Motorola X, Motorola XFON, specs, Motorola 2013, (10)

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